User's Guide

We have tried to keep Salvage as simple as possible. In a nutshell, what you need to do to recover lost images on a media card is:

1) Create a disk image of the media card using Disk Copy
2) Tell Salvage which disk image to recover
3) Select a destination directory and filename
4) Start the recovery process

Source Image

To create a disk image using Disk Copy, insert the digital media card into your card reader and click on the "Launch Disk Copy" button in Salvage. After Disk Copy launches, select "Create Image From Disk..." (command-I) from the Image menu, choose the volume that is your media card. In the "Save Disk Image As:" dialog box, supply the name of the image you want to save, and in the format line, select "Read/Write" as the format and uncheck the "Mount Image"checkbox. Click on the "Save" button to create the image. If the process is successful, the resulting image will be close to the size of the original media card. For instance, an 8 MB media card will result in roughly a 7.6 MB image. (To determine the file size, select the file in the finder and type command-I.)

Once an image of the disc has been made, select the "Open" control button from the Salvage Application window. Locate the "img" file that has just been created with Disk Copy.


From the Salvage Application window, select the destination folder and filename for the recovered pictures by using the "save as" button.


Click on the "Recover" button in the Salvage application window to start the recovery process after you have specified source and destination files.

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