Detailed Experience

Employment History

Dec 2001 To Present Civilian, U.S. Army
Enterprise Architect, U.S. Army Research Lab

Designed, developed, and delivered web-based enterprise applications using J2EE, AJAX, ColdFusion, the MVC pattern, Oracle, Tomcat, Apache Web Server, NetBeans, and a variety of open source solutions. Implemented MVC pattern in subsequent ColdFusion applications used as a model that developers used for future applications. Mentored others to improve the software development process using UML to document application design, OOA to design scalable and maintainable applications, VSS to configure source code, and peer review to improve coding standards. Active member of several working groups with the goal of improving software quality.

Currently managing a government contract to implement an intellectual property management system. This project involves the accreditation and deployment of a COTS system.

Enterprise architect for development, test, and production environments and applications in the Enterprise Management Center. Responsible for documenting current hardware and application architecture and planning roadmap to future architecture.

Began this position as a contractor for Signal Corporation, then continued as a contractor through arrangements with Veridian, SBCS, and finally STG, Inc. before moving into a civilian position.

Apr 2000 To Nov 2001 PatientKeeper, Inc.
Principal Engineer, Platform Development

Lead architect and program manager for delivery of the PatientKeeper 2.0 product. The goal of this effort was to transformation the original product into a more scalable mobile device platform that connects a Palm OS or Windows CE device to a clinical data repository through an HTTP-based protocol. I led the team through specification, design, and development of the product.

Utilized UML for the specification and design, and Java for the development. Experience with J2EE, XML, IBM’s VisualAge and WebSphere products, Borland’s JBuilder 5, and Jakarta Tomcat.

Co-inventor of US Patent 7,099,896 B2 – Synchronizing Data Between Disparate Schemas Using Composite Version

Sep 1999 To Apr 2000 Ameritrade Holding Corp.
Senior Engineer, Advanced Technology Group

Provided technical direction to the New Products Group and developed software to implement equity trading on a variety of wireless and mobile devices.

Teamed with one other developer to bring Ameritrade’s web site to the SprintPCS WAP phones in only three weeks – beating the Goldman Sachs offering to market by seven months.

Developed and deployed Ameritrade’s Web Clipping Application for the Palm VII.

Feb 1998 To Aug 1999 RWD Technologies, Inc.
Senior Engineer, Information Technology Group

Provided technical direction for a team of 25 and acted as the customer’s technical point of contact for a large EPSS (Electronic Performance Support System) product. This project utilizes a variety of technologies including C++, JNI, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and RDBMS to create a low-cost, bolt-on solution meeting a tight schedule and providing a competitive advantage for a top ERP application. The client portion utilizes Netscape or Internet Explorer as the browser running on NT, Windows 95, or Windows 98 platforms. Netscape Enterprise Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server, and Apache web servers are supported, as are SQL Server and Oracle on NT and Unix platforms.

Apr 1996 To Feb 1998 United States Fidelity & Guaranty Corporation
Technical Consultant, Technology Strategy Group

Managed an effort to empower field professionals and reduce field equipment costs by more than 50%. This program exploited a low-cost, highly specialized handheld device to implement a telecommuting vision as part of a re-engineered claim handling system.

Worked closely with field personnel to identify their needs, determined the appropriate computing environment, integrated proposed solutions into the current architecture, managed and coordinated product vendors, marketed the concept to all levels of management, and regularly reported progress to executive management. Modeled business process in Objectory using Jacobsen’s Use-Case method.

Jul 1994 to Mar1996 RWD Technologies, Inc.
Team Leader, Information Technology Group

Principal technical resource for the creation, design, and initial prototyping of a call center application for a major utility company. This project involved re-engineering the call center workflow to reduce call handle time and providing a Windows NT GUI for existing 3270 screens. Developed the initial prototype using Visual Basic 4.0 taking advantage of its object oriented features.

Participated in the design and development of a call center GUI application which utilized an Embedded Performance Support System (EPSS) to reduce user training requirements and call handle time. Developed using ParcPlace's VisualWorks Smalltalk for HP-UX platform. Actively participated in knowledge acquisition, storyboarding, design, and prototyping activities. This project required quickly learning the VisualWorks environment and the Smalltalk language as well as mentoring junior developers

Jun 1985 to Jun 1994 United Technologies/Hamilton Standard
Lead Engineer, Engine Controls & Accessories Group

Held positions of increasing responsibility designing, developing, and testing aircraft engine and environmental control system software. For these projects, which include the MacAir F-15E STOL Demonstrator, the Northrop F/A-18 E/F fighter, and the Boeing 747-400 passenger and freighter aircraft, developed flight software in accordance with DOD-STD-2167A or RTCA/DO-178A standards.

Significant achievements include:

  • Simultaneous development of two applications of the software: one for passenger and one for freighter aircraft. Both versions of software are FAA certified. (747-400)
  • Honored a customer request to pull up the schedule by six months. My team reviewed and streamlined the software development process without adversely affecting quality. This effort resulted in a reduction in product cycle time and costs. (Passenger 747-400)
  • Provided support on an aircraft in the final phase of verification prior to customer delivery, and requiring the utmost caution and attention to detail. Team efforts earned a letter of commendation from Boeing Aircraft Company. (Passenger 747-400)
  • Restored the faith of the Quality Assurance Supervisor who openly stated his lack of confidence in the company’s abilities to successfully complete the project. (F/A-18 E/F)


M.S., Electrical Engineering, Western New England College, Springfield, MA, 1992
B.S., Electrical Engineering Technology, Rochester Institute Of Technology, Rochester, NY, 1985
A.A.S., Electronics Technology, Lehigh County Community College, Schnecksville, PA, 1982


US 7,099,896 B2 – Synchronizing Data Between Disparate Schemas Using Composite Version (co-inventor)


Java (J2EE)
Jakarta Tomcat
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Palm OS
Newton OS
Real-Time control systems
HP-UX SystemAdministration


Palm Computing Platform
Newton MessagePad
Custom embedded controllers
Intel 80x86 Microprocessors
Motorola 680x0 Microprocessors

Additional Education

SEI Software Process Management
OOD Techniques using Ada
ParcPlace VisualWorks and Object Behavior Analysis Training
UNIX Systems Administrator Training
Newton Essentials 2.1
Implementing Telecommuting in the Workforce

Other Activities

Porsche Club of America - member since 1987
Bill Scott Racing – Driving Instructor since 2001

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